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Climbing Worldcup 2011 Lead Barcelona, ESP

Climbing Worldcup 2011 Lead Barcelona, ESP - Women's and Men's Finals

27.11.2011 20:00h

female (2/6)
male (2/6)

AUT Barcelona, ESP (2/7)

2011 (2/7)

Boulder (1/4)
Lead (1/3)

Climbing Worldcup (2/7)

Finals (2/2)
Qualifications (2/3)
Semifinals (2/2)

MEN (2/6)
WOMEN (2/6)
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Climbing Worldcup 2011 Lead Barcelona, ESP
2011-11-26 - 2011-11-27
26.11.2011 10:00hWomen's and Men's Qualifications
27.11.2011 11:00hWomen's and Men's Semifinals
27.11.2011 20:00h>Women's and Men's Finals

Latest events 2:

Climbing Worldcup 2011 Boulder Barcelona, ESP
2011-06-25 - 2011-06-26
Climbing Worldcup 2011 Boulder Barcelona, ESP
25.06.2011 11hMen's Qualifications
25.06.2011 16hWomen's Qualifications
26.06.2011 11:00hWomen's and Men's Semifinals
26.06.2011 starts 17:00Women's and Men's Finals
Members / Routes ? 1
RUS Dmitrii Fakirianov Take a snapshot of Dmitrii Fakirianov
SLO Klemen Becan Take a snapshot of Klemen Becan
KOR Hyunbin Min Take a snapshot of Hyunbin Min
GER Thomas Tauporn Take a snapshot of Thomas Tauporn
ESP Ramón Julian Puigblanque Take a snapshot of Ramón Julian  Puigblanque
CAN Sean McColl Take a snapshot of Sean McColl
FRA Manuel Romain Take a snapshot of Manuel Romain
JPN Sachi AMMA Take a snapshot of Sachi AMMA
AUT Jakob Schubert Take a snapshot of Jakob Schubert
Members / Routes ? 1
BEL Mathilde Brumagne Take a snapshot of Mathilde Brumagne
SLO Maja Vidmar Take a snapshot of Maja Vidmar
AUT Katharina Posch Take a snapshot of Katharina Posch
AUT Christine Schranz Take a snapshot of Christine Schranz
AUT Johanna Ernst Take a snapshot of Johanna Ernst
AUT Angela Eiter Take a snapshot of Angela Eiter
KOR Jain Kim Take a snapshot of Jain Kim
SLO Mina Markovic Take a snapshot of Mina Markovic

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